Belts without Belts

As a martial arts gym owner, I am proud to say that we have a comprehensive syllabus and grading system for our freestyle martial arts program. At our gym, we believe that having a structured program in place helps our students track their progress and ensures that they are learning and mastering the techniques systematically.

Our grading system consists of two annual gradings, during which our students demonstrate their skills and knowledge of the syllabus. Successful candidates receive a certificate and are awarded the relevant coloured belt according to their grade. The belt system is an important aspect of martial arts, symbolising the progress and growth of the student as they advance through the ranks. We believe this tradition is an essential part of martial arts training and helps keep students motivated and engaged.

However, we also believe that wearing belts during general classes is unnecessary. At our gym, everyone is equal during training, and no one is above or below another person. We foster a culture of humility and respect, where no ego is allowed, and everyone is encouraged to learn from each other. We believe that by removing the external symbol of rank, we can focus on the internal qualities that make a great martial artist, such as perseverance, dedication, and respect.

Our syllabus is designed to cover a wide range of techniques, including striking (boxing, kickboxing, muay thai), grappling (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wrestling), weaponry and self-defence. We believe that a well-rounded martial artist should have a strong foundation in these areas, and our program reflects this philosophy. We also emphasise the importance of fitness and conditioning, as these qualities are essential for any martial artist.

In conclusion, our martial arts gym takes pride in its structured syllabus and grading system and our unique view of the belt system. Please note that our BJJ and Kids/Teens classes still allow belts to be worn. BJJ is practised and graded in its traditional format, and kids require that visual motivation to progress.

Written by ACE Martial Arts Founder

Hays Daewoud