Kickboxing can be practised as an effective form of self-defence, general fitness, or if you choose you can compete by fighting in the ring.

This class incorporates boxing, footwork, defence, kicking techniques, knees, elbows and Muay Thai clinching techniques. The sessions can include drills, pad work, kick shields, thai pads, bag work and a myriad of other exercises that will help you develop your skill level & improve your fitness. Experienced and graded people will also learn to spar.

What you’ll learn:

  • The correct base and stance
  • All western boxing punches and angles
  • All boxing defences, footwork, movement, blocking, feinting
  • Combine elbow strikes with effective boxing techniques
  • All kick types and positioning of kicks including knee strikes
  • How to flow between combinations from using hands to legs
  • Sparring; for graded and the more experienced students (optional)
  • How to hold boxing & kickboxing pads safely
  • A progression system that allows you to practice and improve your skills sooner

A grading system is also available to assist each individual in goal setting. However, this is not compulsory.

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