ACE Martial Arts is inspired by the concept of Freestyle martial arts.

Setup originally as a mobile private training & private group service, Hays travelled all over Sydney training clients from their homes, parks, gyms, offices and his home garage.

When running these sessions Hays started developing coaching methods and systems to have his clients improve their skill set at a much faster rate than the conventional martial arts and boxing methods.

In 2014, Hays rented out an old squash court at the St George PCYC. It was refurbished to look like a premium martial arts private training studio and was home of ACE Martial Arts for 5 years.

It was through client interest where ACE started offering a couple of classes a week. With a small group of loyal members, the old squash court created some wonderful memories, we trained fighters, we held gradings, ran courses and formed life long friendships.

In 2020 we continue that journey with our world class martial arts Academy in Banksia where we will continue to share the beauty of ACE Martial Arts with everyone.

Read about our Kung Fu roots – The  Jin Wu Koon History