Beginning with Shotokan Karate at the age of 6, Shannon quickly developed a love for the discipline and a natural talent for competition. Over the next 7 years, Shannon excelled in Youth Regional and State tournaments in Kata and Kumite and even competed in the prestigious Australian Open Karate Championships.

After honing his skills in Shotokan Karate, Shannon expanded his martial arts journey by training in Kickboxing at a local studio 3 years. Shannon then went on to train in Double Dragon Boxing under the tutelage of legendary coaches Mick Spinks and Ali Atoui, where he spent 5 years mastering the art of boxing.

Shannon continued his martial arts journey in 2019 by joining ACE Martial Arts, which he now calls his martial arts home, earning his Freestyle Brown Belt and BJJ Blue Belt. He also holds a Brown Sash in Jin Wu Koon Kung Fu.

His dedication to his craft and drive to constantly improve serve as an inspiration to all those around him.

Shannon won the club champion award of ACE Martial Artist of the year in 2021.