Importance of uniform

When I began training in martial arts as a 5 year old, I’ll never forget the excitement I felt when my father purchased my first Karate Gi (Karate uniform). I truly felt part of the club.

Over the years in martial arts, it has always stuck with me. When I began training with Master Mick Spinks, he never made uniform compulsory; however, this didn’t stop my fellow members or me from purchasing the club singlet or t-shirt.

When I put the club top on, it wasn’t just a piece of clothing; to me, it was a switch; I got into the ‘zone’. It was part of my mental preparation to begin class. I was ready to step on those mats and give it 100%.

At ACE Martial Arts, the class gives off a different vibe on the rare occasions when I see everyone in the ACE uniform. We look like a cracking team.

It also helps when posting videos and images on social media, which shows everyone’s dedication to the club. It displays that you are part of a united and strong martial art community.

I was incredibly proud of wearing my uniform back in the day, and I’m even prouder today wearing my club uniform for this special place I created over 11 years ago.

I know many of you feel the same about ACE, so in saying this, I hope you can all improve your uniform game!